Thank you for your interest in Key Homes. There are a tremendous amount of variables that go into pricing a home that can drastically vary its cost. Items such as the actual size and type of floor plan you choose, your specific site work development situation, your tastes in features, garages, decks, porches, types of materials, is there any part of the project you plan on handling yourself, etc. All of these, plus many more items have a large bearing on your bottom line cost. We would need to have some additional information from you, (i.e. size, style, location, lot situation, taste in features, etc.) in order to be able to give you a semi-accurate ballpark idea on a total cost.

Throughout your shopping process, you will find that a lot of modular home companies are NOT General Contractors, they are more of what would be termed a “dealer”, so the figures they quote are just the “house unit only” cost and do not include any of your Site Work or Site Development costs, nor any of the completion costs of your house below the first floor. Items such as the heating system, water heater, plumbing and electric tie-ins, basements, gutters, waste services, driveways, garages, porches, etc., are usually not quoted in the figures you are given. Key Homes is a General Contracting Company so the figures listed above do include a “Turn Key” Site Work Package. Sometimes this difference gets very confusing for people as they are in the initial phase of figuring out costs and calling around. 

Also, you’ll discover that some companies will separate out costs such as blueprints, crane fees, delivery, NYS approvals, trash removal, and other items while other companies will include those same items in their base price. Because of this, it becomes very important to know what is or isn’t included in the base price you are being quoted as well as how the standard construction specifications vary from builder to builder. If you look at our website under the “Leaning Center” tab you will see “Be An Educated Buyer”. There you will find a list of questions to ask that will help you sort through the differences between builders as you go through the shopping process. In the end, you want to feel confident you have compared the different builders your considering “apples to apples” and are making an informed decision.  

The best thing that you can do to gather more detailed information would be to stop in at our Model Center at 79 Kendall St. in Clifton Springs when you have some spare time. An appointment is not necessary, however, it would guarantee that someone will be available to spend as much time as needed with you. Stopping in would allow us to show you through the models, give you a feel for cost, size, quality, and features, as well as explain the building process to you. We are open Monday – Thursday from 9am till 6pm, Friday from 9am till 5pm, Saturday from 9am till 4pm and we are closed on Sundays. 

I hope this helps you out. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 315-462-2921 or stop in at our Model Center.

Thank you again for your interest.